Why Treo

A Proactive Approach

Treo Wellness is unique in that we focus on providing all employees with proactive tools for living a healthier life. Our comprehensive approach takes into account the societal factors of our modern lifestyle and creates personalized solutions based on individual goals, needs and preferences. We have created innovative solutions around each of our 3 Pillars of Proactive Wellness:

  • Enhancing Your Health Culture
  • Empowering Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Improving Your Food Environment

Treo’s Role in the Wellness Continuum

The chart below illustrates how Treo’s proactive wellness solutions complements traditional wellness programs as well as healthcare services. Our exclusive focus on prevention enables us to create innovative and exceptional tools that help employers enhance their health culture.

“Investing in good health is less expensive than paying for poor health.”

 Dr. Dee Edington

Lifestyle Diseases Drive Health Insurance Premiums

Lifestyle choices are at the root cause of many chronic diseases, which typically develop slowly over years or even decades. The CDC reports that at least 75% of all US healthcare spending is due to preventable chronic diseases that develop due to poor lifestyle habits.

Although health care professionals encourage healthy habits, most individuals require assistance to acquire the skills necessary for lasting behavioral change.

The Shared Costs of Rising Health Plan Premiums

The annual increases in both the employees and employers health care premiums are attributed to increased medical costs related to lifestyle disease. Only early, proactive lifestyle interventions can slow and reverse this trend.

The health care costs of employees with chronic lifestyle conditions are five times higher than those without such conditions. This suggests that escalating premiums will continue unless we address lifestyle behaviors, the leading driver of disease.