For Fitness Centers

Boost member acquisition and retention

We provide fitness centers with a white-label, digital Whole-Person Wellbeing Platform. Your members have new expectations. They demand a member experience outside your four walls.


Whole-Person Platform = Member Results

Members often join your fitness center seeking transformational change. By addressing all aspects of wellbeing – from healthy eating patterns to better sleep to managing stress - Treo’s Whole-Person digital platform complements your onsite programs and amenities, and helps you deliver member results.

Member Results = Member Retention

We transform lifestyles, helping your members move from where they are, to where they want to be. Members who get results extend their memberships and share their success with friends and family. Surveys also show the #1 reason for member cancellations is non-use. Membership periods can be extended by providing value when members are outside your four walls.


Branded Digital Solutions = New Member Enrollment

Your brand and your people separate you from your local and digital competitors. Treo’s white-labeled solution ensures your brand is always front and center. We provide a comprehensive marketing kit for successful engagement – including staff training, digital kiosks, promotional videos, a website page, and email templates where you can add your brand and logo.

Gaming that builds connection & community

Our gamified Whole-Person platform gives your staff and members the tools to support each other on their healthy journey. Empower your members to earn virtual rewards and victory badges for onsite check-ins, habit logging, mindfulness, and more. Treo’s open API allows for integration with your member management software for bidirectional data sharing.


Whole-Person Platform Benefits

Increase membership sales

Ease planned membership rate increases

Improved member results

Expand corporate wellness outreach

Increase member touch points


Stay competitive with local and digital players

What our members are saying

  • I really love Treo. Such a great platform - definitely a lifestyle change in the most positive direction

    -Elaine, JHT Canada

  • Working with a Wellness Coach has been so helpful and encouraging! I love knowing she’s in my corner and supporting my progress.

    - Wendy, JFW Retail Stores

  • Treo has made it easy for me to track my progress or just get inspired with cooking videos and workouts.

    - Kim, Green Bay YMCA

66% of Americans want help determining the best methods for improving their health.

Cleveland Clinic

#1 trend for clubs in 2023 is seamless digital integration

Club Industry

Fitness center goers expect a high-quality, holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellness going forward.


40% growth is expected for the popularity of virtual fitness options over the next 10 years.

Research & Markets

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