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Elevate recruitment, retention, and productivity

We help small and mid-sized employers with Whole-Person wellbeing solutions so you can recruit and retain top talent. Our all-in-one, turnkey platform eliminates the costs and complexity of dealing with multiple vendors.


Boost benefits utilization

Surveys reveal that most employees do not fully understand their benefits and many want benefits they do not receive. Treo connects your benefits all in one place making them easier to see and use.

Customized for all

Treo’s platform easily adjusts to emphasize your organization’s values and objectives. Every employee receives a customized experience based on their individual health goals.



monthly webinars

weekly Treo tip emails

seasonal engagement campaigns

peer community support

Turnkey implementation

Treo is the first scalable way to bring personalized wellness support to every employee. Implementation is a simple, 4-step process with turnkey resources. Routine reports help you keep tabs on adoption, engagement, and satisfaction.

The Value of Treo Wellness

Member Outcomes

  • "Logging my daily habits has kept my focus on my personal wellness front and center. This creates more awareness and for me, personal accountability."  - Celeste Z.

  • “Treo helped me to change my lifestyle. I never thought about what or how much I was eating! Using the Treo Habit Builder, now I look at veggies as a challenge and want to reach my goal!” - Heidi G.

  • “Treo Wellness has given me a system to keep me focused and honest with my workout regimen. Since using Treo, I have not missed a single day as I have planned it, whether that be a rest day or high intensity day.” - Jerry D.

21% greater profitability was seen within organizations with highly engaged teams.


91% of executives for U.S. companies now agree that employee wellbeing is a top business priority needed for maintaining a productive workforce.

The Economist

63% of employees prefer an external company with expertise in wellbeing programs.


37% greater retention and loyalty out of employees was one of the most significant business outcomes reported by senior executives.

The Economist

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