About Us

A Wellness Solution for Today’s Workforce

There is no question that today’s workforce has expectations and needs which differ from prior generations. Treo assists employers in helping meet these expectations. Job candidates today often demonstrate a preference to work for companies who recognize and value the importance of their employees’ quality of life.* Treo provides services to empower employees take actionable steps - at their own pace, and on their terms - toward a higher quality of life.

Employee Wellness is in Transition

Wellness programs continuously evolve and improve. Today, behavioral experts emphasize the critical role employee choices play in effective outcomes. Multiple studies indicate it is the intrinsically motivated employee who is most likely to achieve sustainable change.

By making proactive wellness tools available to all employees, everyone benefits – the employee and the employer. Dr. Dee Edington of the University of Michigan, succinctly expressed this alternative strategy as the goal of ‘keeping the healthy, healthy’

Our Leadership Team

Nathan Pyles

Treo Co-Founder


Nathan is committed to helping as many people as possible improve their quality of life through sustainable lifestyle changes. He is past president of Johnson Health North America.

Karlie Intlekofer, PhD, CNC, CPT

Treo Co-Founder & Global Wellness Researcher


Karlie earned her doctorate in Neuroscience and Behavior. As Treo’s Global Wellness Researcher, Karlie drives our objective of translating recent research into solutions that empower employees to form sustainable healthy habits.

Greg Waters

VP of Client Success


Greg has over 30 years of health & fitness industry experience. He specializes in serving startup businesses with a need for sales and organizational leadership. Greg applies his C-Level experience to help organizations develop customized wellness solutions.

Jill Woodward, MS, RD, CD

Corporate Wellness Specialist & Coach Manager


Jill Woodward is a Registered Dietitian and a Nutrition Education Specialist . She has a Master’s in nutrition and dietetics and has
worked in a variety of settings including hospitals and outpatient clinics. Jill has also worked with fortune 500 companies across the US
on developing a culture of health in their corporate environments. Jill enjoys seeing people achieve their chosen health and wellness goals.
Her evidence based approach helps individuals reach their goals as part of their unique lifestyle to successfully sustain their healthy

Treo is a Division of Johnson Health Tech

Treo Wellness is the services division of Johnson Health Tech. As a worldwide fitness leader, Johnson Health Tech serves people who want to live better lives. Johnson is driven by global collaboration, thoughtful design, and an ironclad commitment to be the very best global citizen.

Corporate Fitness Total Solution Provider

Johnson Health is the parent company of Matrix Fitness, a world leader in commercial fitness solutions with placements in the top health clubs, Universities, and Corporate Wellness Centers. For assistance in designing and equipping your wellness center, contact greg.waters@treowellness.com