About Treo

Treo’s team of fitness, wellness, and digital experts have created a Whole-Person Wellbeing Platform delivering highly personalized, evidence-based tools and resources for achieving lasting lifestyle change.


A division of Johnson Health Tech

Treo Wellness is the services division of Johnson Health Tech. As a worldwide fitness leader, Johnson Health Tech serves people who want to live better lives. Johnson is driven by global collaboration, thoughtful design, and an ironclad commitment to be the very best global citizen.

Corporate fitness total solution provider

Johnson Health Tech is the parent company of Matrix Fitness, a world leader in commercial fitness solutions with placements in the top health clubs, Universities, and Corporate Wellness Centers. For assistance in designing and equipping your wellness center, contact info@treowellness.com


Why whole-person?

When you eat, what you eat, and what you do are not independent functions. The days of looking at each facet of health in isolation are over. It is imperative that we address the full spectrum of wellbeing unique to each person. An integrated approach that concurrently addresses all domains of health will successfully nudge individuals towards their healthier and happier life.

Expert driven, evidence-based foundation

Early on we identified several challenges for delivering effective wellbeing solutions. One challenge is that there is simply too much, often contradictory, unvetted health information out there. It is easy for someone ready to make a lifestyle change to feel overwhelmed and confused. A second challenge is that this information is often outdated or unsupported by science. Treo overcomes both by ensuring all our content and resources are reviewed and vetted by an expert team of PhDs, MPHs, and RDNs only using the latest peer-reviewed publications.


Digital-first, user-focused software

Treo’s team of talented in-house software developers helps us deliver on our promise of putting each member first. Our cloud based platform makes all our behavioral change tools and resources available 24/7 with 99%+ uptime. Our software team responds quickly to real-world ideas and feedback from our members for rapid, ongoing continuous improvement.

In-house audio & video production

The Johnson Health Tech North American Content team's production studio is located in Madison, WI. Our in-house audio and video technical directors support digital media development for Treo and our sister Johnson Health Tech global brands. Through our national talent search, we have produced over 500 on-demand engaging and energetic workouts on every cardio modality.

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