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A personalized, whole-person solution for you

Treo makes healthier possible, and fun.


more energy & less stress

build a stronger & leaner body

make healthier food choices

make activity
a habit

lasting weight loss

improve heart & brain health

better blood sugar

better blood pressure

Customized to meet your goals

Choose your health goal and gain access to your pathway with resources just for you.

Log your daily habits in less than 2 minutes. Discover your path to making your healthier lifestyle permanent.

Have fun along the way! Earn virtual badges and rewards. Help lift others up while they watch out for you. All this and more is at your fingertips.

Your whole-person platform

  • On-demand fitness

    From cycles to treadmills to yoga, we have the class for you. Each Monday morning new workouts from our engaging instructors are featured. Or browse hundreds of workouts on or off equipment! Try something new and get your sweat on!

  • Build resilience

    Tap into your resilience with breath work practice, better sleep support, and mindfulness exercises. Explore practical ways to help you manage stress so you can better navigate life’s challenges.

  • Healthy cooking videos and recipes

    Join registered dietitians to learn new skills and techniques in the kitchen as you prepare fresh, delicious meals. Make healthy eating easy while at home, at work, or on-the-go.

  • Your personalized Pathway

    Evidence-based content is presented in bite-sized videos by registered dietitians and experts in behavior change, exercise science, and more. Learn how to best support your physical, mental, and emotional health through self-care practices.

  • Connect with others

    Help lift others while they watch out for you. Earn points, streaks, and badges while encouraging others in the Treo community to achieve their goals.

Your wellness coach

If you want expert support, we’ve got your back. Message or call your coach to help you overcome barriers and keep making progress on your personal health goal.



Change is Possible

Interested in bringing Treo to your organization? We can provide you with all of the tools to start the conversation.