Our Customers


Treo Wellness offers a comprehensive, turnkey program that enhances the health culture of small to mid-sized employers. Our proactive wellness solutions are scalable and optimized for a distributed workforce – whether that’s retail, banking, education, or a work-from-home team. Treo Wellness is a valued benefit that elevates  employee recruitment, retention, and productivity.

“Your company becomes great by transcending the transactional. And how you transcend the transactional is by becoming a force for transformation in the lives of the people you serve.”

Tara-Nicholle Nelson


Treo is an evidence-based, lifestyle change program that combines an empathetic live coach with digital technology to deliver a highly supportive experience. Treo enables clinicians to provide proactive lifestyle care in-between clinic visits. Coaching program options include Lasting Weight Loss, Making Healthy Food Choices, Better Blood Sugar, Better Blood Pressure, and more. Enrolled patients can opt to share their weekly progress with your office, so every Monday morning your care team knows which patients are making progress toward their personalized health goals.

Benefits Brokers, Insurers, & Resellers

Treo Wellness enriches both fully insured and self-insured health plans. Our proactive wellness program works as either a stand-alone solution or as a preventive complement to traditional programs that often include screening, risk stratification, and treatment. Our early intervention model nudges all employees toward a healthy lifestyle when it matters most – prior to the onset of chronic disease.

Health Clubs and Studios

Treo partners with fitness facilities to provide add-on Wellness Memberships that integrate guidance around the three primary components of overall health and wellbeing – physical activity, nutrition, and healthy habits. Treo Wellness Memberships can be offered to differentiate your facility from the competition or as a premium membership level to enhance revenue. Each Wellness Member receives a unique and highly personalized lifestyle Pathway. Improved member results will lead to higher member retention and increased referrals.

Multifamily Residential

Treo Wellness is a unique and differentiating amenity that adds real value to a resident’s quality of life. Treo helps residents optimize the wellbeing benefit from a property’s onsite fitness center without the challenges associated with staffing. If a property does not have an onsite fitness center, offering Treo Wellness solutions is an alternative amenity to respond to competitive pressures. Treo is an excellent fit for premium apartments, condominiums, or active senior living communities.


For more details on Treo applications for these channels, please email info@treowellness.com or call or text 920.728.5130