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Treo Wellness provides proactive wellness services to organizations who choose to empower their employees in making positive lifestyle choices. Treo assists employers in creating a healthy workplace culture with innovative,
employee-first programming that elevates recruitment, retention, and productivity.

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  • Health Benefits Brokers & Resellers
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Karlie Intlekofer, PhD, CNC

Treo Wellness Co-founder and Program Developer

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What Our Members Are Saying

With Treo, my entire family is now eating healthier and I have lost 8 pounds so far with very little effort.

Becky S.

Joining Treo has given me renewed physical and mental energy as well as an improved outlook about my new daily living habits.

P.J. A.

I sleep better and attribute that to Mealtime Spacing. I no longer snack at night so I’m no longer going to bed feeling full.

Jess T.