Treo Daily

Enhance your facility with one simple product

No login or sign up for your users. No hardware changes for your facility. It's that simple.


Fitness challenges that change daily

Our easy scan-and-go solution removes the stress of workout planning and challenges users in new ways with every workout.

Every day, users are presented with three new cardio workouts. Whether they prefer a trainer-led style, virtual active setting, or high-intensity interval training, we have options for everyone to find their fit.

Flexible to fit your facility

Upgrade new equipment or refresh existing spaces to add new value to your in-facility experience.


Multi-Family Housing



Community Rec Centers

Hotels, Cruises, and More!

Just scan and go!

The most used feature on cardio equipment in fitness facilities and workout rooms is the GO button. While simple, workout intensity and user results are minimal. Treo Daily combines the impact of high-quality content on exercise results with the ease of a GO button on any cardio machine. Together, users get the best of both worlds.

Treo Daily automatically generates three unique ways a member can workout when they get on the machine: trainer-led, virtual active, and Sprint 8®.

Treo Daily is patent-pending and available for any mainframe cardio machine like treadmills, elliptical, studio cycles, and more!


Providing a smart solution to help you meet the demands of your fitness center members.

Real people, real results. Treo Daily has something for everyone.


Reported reaching higher intensity levels due to the motivating instruction.


Of respondents said it felt easier to stay engaged in their workout.


Said they were more likely to visit the facility because of the virtual training options.

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