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Treo’s 3 Pillars of Proactive Wellness

Treo’s 3 Pillars of Proactive Wellness considers the societal, environmental, and individual factors that heavily influence our modern lifestyle. By enhancing an organization’s health culture, improving the food environment, and providing personalized coaching support - healthier choices become the preferred options. Over time, lifelong healthy habits are formed leading to healthier, more energized, and more engaged employees. By making Proactive Wellness resources available to all employees, everyone benefits – the employee, their families, and the employer.

Enhancing Your Health Culture

Enhancing Your Health Culture

The resources below work in combination to assist your leadership and wellness teams in building a health culture in your organization.

Monthly eNewsletter
Co-branded, includes section for adding company-specific announcements

Weekly Treo Tip Emails
Weekly emails covering evidence-based health topics

Monthly Webinars
Live webinars every month by Treo Wellness Co-founder Dr. Karlie

Health Focused Peer Community
Treo leverages popular social media platforms to share reinforcing posts and validate efforts for those making positive lifestyle change

Improving Your Food Environment

Improving Your Food Environment

According to Dr. Robert Lustig, “Successful interventions all share a common end point: curbing availability. In other words, control the environment, not behavior.”

On-Site Food & Beverage Self-Assessment
Treo works with your company to develop a strategy for improving the nutritional value of on-site vending, catering, and/or café choices. An easy-to-use template helps your company self-assess the current status of on-site food and beverage options.

Healthy Option Restaurant Menu
We review the menus of the most frequented restaurants in the vicinity of your facility and provide a printable pdf menu of the healthier options available at these restaurants.

On-Site Policy Statement
Treo provides support for creating or updating statements designed to encourage healthier food and beverage options at company events.

Personalized Wellness Coaching

Personalized Wellness Coaching

Treo Wellness Coaching is designed to support members through the process of sustainable habit formation. We empower members to consistently practice the daily behaviors that drive health improvements.

Dedicated Live Coach
Change is hard. A supportive relationship with a dedicated live coach can help individuals to achieve their personal goals through a combination of motivational interviewing and skill-building techniques during a 12-week coaching session.

Unlimited Digital Communication
Coaching is done remotely using the Client’s preferred communication – video conference, phone, or text messaging through Treo software which operates on PC’s, tablets, or phones. Clients have unlimited access to their coach.

Customized Digital Pathway

Customized Digital Pathway

Treo’s digital tools were designed to build daily habits. Skill building and habit tracking are research-supported methods that accelerate the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

Customized Pathway
After an employee completes a Treo Lifestyle Assessment, a personalized Pathway is generated based on a combination of their goals, current habits, and readiness for change. Treo Pathways’ algorithm identifies healthy habits that have the greatest impact on achieving specific health goals.

Pathway Skill Building Lessons
Not only is each Pathway unique, but the over 80 integrated mini-lessons are also customized for each individual. Employees can also select the learning modality best for them – video, audio, or text.

Habit Builder
Unlike complicated diet trackers, our Habit Tracker takes less than 2 minutes a day. Treo measures success by tracking daily adherence to achieving those healthy habits that are most important to each member.

Our Alliance Partners

To fulfill your employee wellness requirements, we have partnered with multiple groups who are global experts in their fields.  These services include smoking cessation, mental resilience, and team challenges.  Below are a few examples. Contact us for more details.

Healthy Minds

For Building Mental and Emotional Resilience

Matrix Fitness

For Your Corporate Fitness Center

Johnson Fitness & Wellness

For Your Employees Home Fitness Needs